The Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Development project aims to construct over 100km of mountain bike trails. These trails are planned to go throughout the Kentish and Latrobe municipalities, catering to both mountain bike enthusiasts and families looking to experience the Tasmanian wilderness.

Launched on the 4th of April 2016, this stage signifies the completion of the planning and strategic development stage of the project, which involved the development of trail designs and staged construction processes by internationally recognised trail designers World Trail and International Mountain Bike Association trail design consultant Marty Kreig; along with a business case and market analysis developed by international tourism consultants TRC Tourism.

Each master plan incorporates both the trail network design and a business case outlining the potential economic and strategic benefits to the region once the project is completed.

The trail network incorporates a mix of cross country, downhill and gravity enduro trails, passing through forests, open plains and tranquil riverside settings. One unique part of the trail will see a flying fox system developed to enable riders to cross the Mersey River.

For more information on the projects click on the Master Plan documents below.

Wild Mersey Information Booklet
Kentish Trails Master Plan
Warrawee Reserve Master Plan