The mighty Mersey River is born in the button grass swamp at the southwest end of Lake Meston at an altitude of just over one kilometre (1018m). Mt. Rogoona towers to the north, Convent Hill is due west and the Mts of Jupiter are to the southwest. Here gentle alpine brooks are born to wind their way through the low alpine scrub and button grass, merging into one west-ward bound stream that finds its way into tiny Lake Youd, about 1.4 kilometres from Lake Meston. From Lake Youd the young river flows a further 1.3 kilometres west to Junction Lake. The Moses Creek and Junction Lake Tracks (which take one to the Walls of Jerusalem track) meet here. Another track heads down the Never-Never to the Overland Track and a small track heads up to Lake Artemis and Lake Eros. Lees Creek flows down from Lake Artemis to Junction Lake.

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